For Travellers


Have you ever been to a new city not knowing what to see and what to do?

Are you living a busy life with little time left for planning your free time while on business trips?

Did you ever wish you knew some locals who would take you off the beaten path leading to popular tourist attractions?

With our App, you can follow personalised travel advice carefully prepared by your conference organisers.

Before hopping on a plane, you can download the entire conference package and examine it offline. While traveling to your destination you can check the conference schedule, read your travel advice and trip descriptions and quickly prepare a personalised travel plan. At your destination, you will be reminded of the trips you have planned and the App will guide you to all the places your conference organisers recommended you to visit. You choose which parts of the suggested trip you like and which recommendations to follow.

One of the key features of our App is that every little spot you want to visit has a picture attached. At any time, you can see this picture on your phone and compare it with your surroundings. But there is more, every such picture is annotated with GPS coordinates, so you can find its precise location on the map and the App will tell you how to navigate there. You would be able to easily find secret spots only locals know about. And the best thing is that you would never have to ask for directions again.

This is My Conference Trip. Travel like a local!