For Event Organisers

MyConferenceTrip is not your standard conference app

Key features

Convenient Access

The App is available for download from Apple store and Google Play. After the first log in the content is downloaded and is available offline

Conference information

Attendees will be able to see the conference schedule, information about the key note speakers, sponsors, venue etc. Also, there is a section with useful country and city-specific information (e.g. transport, money, tipping etc)

Customizable calendar

Users can customise their in-app calendar to remove the sessions they do not wish to attend

Special events at a conference

Users will be able to get information about any special events, e.g. gala dinner and get notifications if there is any change

Push notifications and announcements

Push Notifications available on both Android and iOS devices. The users will get notifications and announcements from the conference organisers.

Unique travel component

The App has a range of trip suggestions for the conference attendees. Every trip can be customised and added to the personal calendar. The App gives users a time frame for the trip to make sure it fits in their free time in the calendar.

Users will be reminded of the trips they have planned, and the App will guide them to all the places they were recommended to visit.

One of the key features of our App is that every little spot suggested in the trips has a picture attached. At any time, users can see this picture on their phone and compare it with their surroundings. But there is more, every such picture is annotated with GPS coordinates, so they can find its precise location on the map and the App will tell them how to navigate there. They would be able to easily find secret spots only locals know about. And the best thing is that they would never have to ask for directions again.